Part 2—Kieran Lenahan: How to Develop a Healthy Mindset

Part 2—Kieran Lenahan: How to Develop a Healthy Mindset

Kieran continues the conversation on mindsets. Mindsets help you achieve your goals and operate a better business. Best of all, they help you accomplish them in less time. In this episode, guest host Kieran Lenahan gives tools to build an effective Christian company through the lens of mindset building. He goes into both the ancient principles found in the Bible as well as the science required to be successful in this regard. 

Kieran has a decorated career in non-profit, startup and corporate management. He is an iPEC certified business coach and owner of Lenahan Coaching; a firm which helps business owners win in the arena of time management. When he’s not coaching, he spends his time with family and fighting homelessness at Covenant House, where he is as an associate board member. 

This episode covers the topics of Kingdom business, mindsets, mind over matter, Bible, prayer, coaching, and healthy thinking habits.


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