How to Use Power for Good as a Christian Entrepreneur

How to Use Power for Good as a Christian Entrepreneur

Power is a dirty word for Christians. We don’t understand power and we don’t know how to use it. But the Bible tells us that we don’t have a spirit of fear, but of power and love and soundness of mind. Kingdom entrepreneurs need power to be effective business leaders. But Christ-given (Christian) power has a different type of influence then the normal business-world power for which we are used to seeing. Biblical power looks like Jesus. It leads people to Jesus; ultimately, spiritual power, which comes from Christ, resurrects, restores and empowers those around unto new levels of freedom and love which are found in God himself. Pierce Brantley shows you how to lean into this power and unlock it make the lives of others better around you.

This episode covers the topics of power, leadership, abuse, Jesus, entrepreneurship, control freaks, micro-management, controlling spirit, bad management, leverage, prayer, repentance and the Holy Spirit.

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Welcome to lunchbreak a special weekly series of the eternal entrepreneur that gives you bite-size pieces of wisdom on how to build a function of faith and business. Each episode unpacks, a short, actionable topic you can put into practice this week. Let's get into it. Hello again. Thank you for joining us for lunch break. I am Pierce Brantley co-host of the turn entrepreneurs. And today we are going to talk about how to leverage power. You might be saying Pierce, what do you mean by leveraging power? Are we talking about some kind of superhero Marvel type skill set that I haven't yet tapped into? Not on this episode, but stay tuned. No, I'm talking about something that every single entrepreneur, regardless of the spectrum that you're on, whether you are a solopreneur, a consultancy, whether you've got five people or 500 people in your small business power is something that every entrepreneur desires and you may not articulate it with that language. And that might be a good thing, but every entrepreneur that I've met and you've. Shares a common trait, and that is the desire to make their own decisions, to have a sense of autonomy of freedom and to effect positive change in the lives of other people, whether that be their immediate family or those they serve through their services and their products and the business engine that they've created. And so power is something that all of us can use in a positive way. And as Christians, we've been given a bonus kind of power Canon, and that is the ability to leverage the spiritual intuition that God has given us to positively impact other people in a way that cannot otherwise not be done. But power in the kingdom does not look like power in the world. Meaning the power that I've been given as a Christian. Effect or accomplish the same outcomes that what we'd say worldly power, superficial power, fleshly power, however you want to call it would accomplish. So worldly power let's look at some definitions looks like more control. Who hasn't been underneath a controlling boss or been in partnership with a controlling partner in business and what happens they may have in some cases, the ability to control whatever outcome they want, but they crush people and they're okay. Crushing. I knew a guy wants a very powerful VP for a billion dollar company and he got another VP fired and he was so proud of it. And he did it by leveraging his influence and then berating the guy in public over and over again, he made a grown man grown mid 40 year old man cry and quit. And he was so proud of him. For having the you could call it influence, but the ability to do it, to get away with it and then get the outcome that he wanted. That's power, there's other kinds of power, like the ability to shape industry, the ability and the ability to have a competitive edge that. Only your company can, take, benefit from you, look at, companies like Facebook and some of the tech giants, and even some of the legislative kind of things that are coming out right now about how much power can accompany give that's another type power, but power in the kingdom. Christian power is something entirely different. And it's something that I want us to get really focused on. Because it's a really good thing. And as Christians, we tend to shy away from anything. I think that looks like worldly strength and I hate using that language. And you probably hate that. I use that language, but you know what I mean, something that looks like superficially prideful type stuff. But the reality is that God has given us power and we are supposed to use that power, but recognizing it, owning it, having confidence in it, And using it throughout the day is something entirely different because we don't talk, talk about it a lot in the church. So the Bible says that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power of love and of soundness of mind. He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and soundness of mine. It feels so good to say the worldly sense of power. Comes from a place of fear, even if it doesn't look like it. When we have a fear based mindset, we default to control. We become controlling managers, controlling operators, controlling the entrepreneurs they get. So hyper-focused on making sure our opinion of a situation is executed. That our ability to act out of true power, true love and shoe sound is a mind, which is actually discipline is ineffective. It's unreachable because we were so hyper-focused on our own fear, our desire to control the outcome of a situation. Nothing good comes from it. That the world wasn't designed that way. Just look at all the freedoms that God has. Humanity we're in more or less in many ways unleashed outside of the boundaries that he's defined throughout nature. The, so what is Christian or godly power? The most beautiful example is Jesus and the garden of guests enemy. Before he goes to the cross, before he goes to pay the penalty for our sins and to. Bring us into relationship with God in a new and more profound way, what happens. So he finishes praying for his disciples for the world, for those who know. And if you know this story, the guards come the Roman guards along with some of the the Jewish priests and he is about to be arrested. And one of his disciples goes. On the crowd and thinking that it is time for Jesus to really show his true power and for the kingdom of God, in the governmental sense to be effective, draws his sword and swings it at one of the soldiers. And you get this picture of almost like a Neo type, guide dodging a bullet sort of scene. He cuts off the guy's ear, which means more than likely Peter was not aiming for the guy. Ear he was going for, a critical moral combat type, blow and missed because the guy juked him, the guy's ear falls off and you get the sense that Peter is ready to swing again. And Jesus says enough of this. Enough of this, which in the moment might be confusing. If you think that the kingdom of God is meant to be accomplished through force through violence, through a competitive edge, through having the sharper image, the stick Jesus leverages his power, his authority in a completely different way. He bins down. It picks up the soldier's ear, brushes it off, goes up to the soldier, puts the ear back on the man and heals him instantly authority and power in the kingdom has two outcomes. It resurrects. Look at the life of Jesus allies and it restores, it brings things back to what they were supposed to be. And then lastly, to a greater extent, it empowers three does with every one of us and Christ. He gives us new freedoms and new abilities and new lives, new leases on lives, power, and the kingdom, Christian power godly power resurrects it restore. Makes things new or it empowers, those are the attributes, the traits of kingdom, godly power. The reason we do not see more of the power of God manifesting itself in our businesses is not because we don't have an intuitive sense of what it is. It's because we are hell bent on control on getting what we want out of a boardroom out of a meeting out of a project decision out of our opinions being heard. After all, we're the boss, we're the entrepreneur. This is our business. That's what we go to. No one is going to disrespect us or make us think a different way. That's where we naturally go to in the moment in our pride, when decisions get heated, that mindset, that desire to have control. Forgive me for sounding a little of twos, but it's a form of witchcraft because you were hell bent on controlling the outcomes. No matter what, in order to make yourself look good, there's nothing godly about. There's nothing good that you're going to accomplish for your team by that there's nothing good that comes from your customers, for your customers. By being just defaulting to that mindset. As a Christian business leader, you have one objective as it relates to leveraging power. And that is to see the lives of people. Be resurrected. To regard no one, according to the flesh, as the Bible says, meaning we see the best in them. We see even more than they might imagine for themselves. Secondly, it restores meaning the good that is in every single individual that could be accomplished in every project that could be shaped by innovation or by India is sought after we have the highest ideal. When it comes to leveraging what God has given us, and we pursue the highest ideals that's restoration. And lastly, we empower people, meaning we get out of the way. We give them our knowledge. We give them my skill sets. We give them our our resources, our agency, our finances to our team, and odor to help them be the best that they can be. That's what Jesus. And that's what godly power looks like. Okay. So it is a lunch break, as which means there's some action. The first thing I want you to do is after this episode, I want you to get your heart in the right place. And this doesn't have to be a super spiritual moment, but I want you to ask God, is there any area in the business, in my business? And my management style that defaults to control. And I want you to repent of that. If he shows you something don't repent. If he doesn't show you something, maybe you don't have a control problem. Once you've identified, once the holy spirit has helped you identify what that area of over control is. I want you to ask him for new vision, God. If I were to give up control in this area, how would your power, how would your life change it? What do you see possible? God is a God of vision, right? The Bible says without vision people perish, if you give up control and an area, it does not become a black hole. He gives you vision, which means you're moving up the mountain, not down. He is going to give you a better perspective on how to leverage your skillset, your resources, your people in order to accomplish even better outcomes than you could have. If you try to control the situation. I like to be in the habit of doing this. Say once a quarter, the reason being the business life cycle is in one part cyclical. And in another regard it's always changing. So I may need to practice. I may take some time for me to give up control and allow the spirit of God to help me make better decisions in a certain part of my entrepreneurial journey at the same time, in the same regard. There were other parts of my business that are going to be new. New people are going to come in new projects, new clients, and it's going to require me to refocus this desire to give up control and order that godly power can manifest itself. In my life. And so there needs to be an ebb and a flow, a relationship to how I look at giving up control and letting the power of God do what it does best resurrect, restore, and empower in lots of other people. Okay, guys, this is Pierce Brantley. I am so proud of you all. Thanks for tuning in. Hey, if you liked this episode. I would love it. If you would leave us a review, you podcast app, it's not, for me. It does make me feel better. Although I love to hear what you guys enjoy about the show. It does help other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you find the show. That's how the algorithms work. So if you do me a favor and leave a quick one. Whatever you think of the show. I'd be very grateful. All right. Week and eternally. Thank you for listening. 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