How to Be Assertive as a Christian Entrepreneur

How to Be Assertive as a Christian Entrepreneur

Can Kingdom Entrepreneurs be assertive without being overly aggressive or defaulting to anger? It’s a paradox. Christian business leaders need to be authoritative and assert themselves in all kinds of situations, but doing so can feel counter-intuitive. Don’t the meek inherit the earth? In this episode, Pierce Brantley unpacks a spiritual discipline and technique he uses to exercise assertiveness without engaging anger or fear. You’ll learn how to positively assert yourself while still demonstrating Christ-likeness. The result is a stronger testimony and a reputation that will stay intact.

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Bible References: Luke 22, Ephesians 4:8

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This episode covers topics like: prayer, leadership, Holy Spirit, honest communication, active listening, entrepreneurship, how to agree to disagree, and how to take a problem-solving approach to conflict.

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