The Secret to Meaningful Work as a Christian Leader

The Secret to Meaningful Work as a Christian Leader

Does God care if you work hard? Does the Bible say anything about the effort or endurance we put into our business or projects? Is there a higher way to think about entrepreneurship and Kingdom work? In short, yes. Brantley unpacks work ethic, its roots, and whether there is a moral benefit to doing our best on the job. He contrasts hard work vs. good work and demonstrates how we should perform our daily duties in light of what Jesus has done for us and what the Holy Spirit makes available to the Christian during the work day. You will discover how to align your attitude and behavior to find God on the job and in your business.

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Calling: Awaken to the Purpose of Your Work

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This episode cover the topics of work ethic, hard work, entrepreneurship, Jesus, Holy Spirit, prayer, diligence, proverbs, Christian business, marketplace ministry, and business as mission.

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