Andy Mason—Boost Authenticity in Your Christian Business

Andy Mason—Boost Authenticity in Your Christian Business

Discover how your identity in Christ impacts your business. This week’s episode comes from Andy Mason. Andy serves as the Director of Heaven in Business, and has written multiple books including God With You at Work and Finding Hope in Crazy Times. Andy also owns Authentic Solutions, a coaching and consulting company run with his wife, Janine. Andy and Janine live with their four children in Redding, CA. Andy comes from New Zealand and has 15+ years experience helping individuals and organizations discover and align with purpose, then develop practical steps to make dreams a reality. He has worked for a national consultancy firm and leading financial institution, as well as investing in international community development.

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This episode cover the topics of identity in christ, intimacy, Jesus, rest, building habits, prayer, mission as business, and Kingdom Entrepreneurship.

Andy Mason:

Hi, this is Andy Mason. I'm the director of heaven and business. And just want to say, if you wanted to create an impactful kingdom business, then jump on. I would do my good friends, Joe Newton and piss Brantley. They've got this podcast called the eternal entrepreneur and grab a hold of that. Download it, subscribe, follow them. It's just a great, great resource.

Pierce Brantley:

well, we believe faith comes by hearing and so do business skills. You'll hear powerful stories and strategies to grow your business directly from Christian leaders. We've done it all before. Catch us on Mondays for lunch breaks are bite sized business series and twice a month on Fridays for faith inspiring interviews. Well, hello and welcome back. Thank you for joining us for another episode of the eternal entrepreneur podcast. I am Pierce Brantley along with my cohost Joe Newton, and we cannot be more excited to share our conversation with Andy Mason. Andy is the director of heaven and business, a Bethel initiative that helps people partner with God at work. He is also an accomplished author and consultant. He has multiple books, including God with you at work, which will launch you into a new realm of partnership with God. Well, Andy or welcome. It really is an honor to get to have you on internal entrepreneur today. Thank you for joining us. Oh, thanks so much, Joe and PSS.

Joe Newton:

A pleasure to be with you. Well, Andy, we usually like to start off, especially with guests who it's their first time on the show, getting a little bit of your backstory, your origin story. When it comes to entrepreneurship, can you kind of just share with us, how did you end up hanging out with entrepreneurs, empowering entrepreneurs and where did God kind of knock on the door in that story?

Andy Mason:

Yeah. Great question. If I just straight up, yeah, I'd say I'm probably more of an intrepreneur as an inside companies, developing, starting things rather than starting things from zero. Although having a business has been very much that. And everything I've done in this States welcome to America. Like you're going to be an entrepreneur entrepreneur or die as in, you've got to start and build and grow. But from New Zealand that's my background. I thought I was going to always be working in agriculture. So I thought I would be working on a large corporate. You would say ranch. So I did a couple of years on a large. Training farm in New Zealand. So 12,000 sheep, 500 cattle horses and dogs loved it, loved, loved, loved, and I thought that's what I would be doing and was encouraged to get some qualifications because it opens up more opportunities. So ended up doing an agricultural science degree all along, have grown up in a family that just loves Jesus above everything else. And I re recall, or actually my mother recalls, I don't recall that we had the speaker come through church when I was about 13 missionary. And apparently I went to my mother afterwards and said, mum God spoke to me and said to study agricultural science and that I'm going to help people practically as well as spiritually. So when I ended up going doing this agricultural foray and learn the real basics of. Practical share sheet, build a fence, move animals. Then I came back to here and see it. Now I'm going to do this agricultural science degree. She said, well, yeah, that's because you told me you're going to do that. What five, six, seven years ago. So it's just like, Oh my gosh, the conspiracy of God. So we did that and realized the Fiddler. I got into that at the list. I could really help people if, unless I had more practical experience. So then worked and got a job as an agricultural business consultant in New Zealand for five years and loved that really. That looked like going around typical operators in New Zealand, sitting on there, the all-terrain vehicle as we go around the property, eating their double chocolate muffins and fresh bread for lunch. Like now I look back and think, wow. What a life, it was just so much fun and then develop strategies of how they can increase productivity or sit it up so that the kids can take over the property and the business. And I learned probably so much more in the process. And then I got a little bit of bored of that because it's sitting inside an office too much, not out on the properties. And so my brother-in-law was actually working in a bank and I was jealous of what he got to do with my clients. As in very different to banking in the States, it looked like going out, sitting down with their clients on the property, which was the business and asking them what was success to them? What were their dreams? What were the desires where they're going, they love where they wanted to be, and then developing a pathway from where they were. To where they want it to get to. And my background in the practical farming and in the business consultancy, just sit me up ideal to do this and would use the resources of the bank to help them to achieve their dreams, which is amazing. And the other language, I'd say it's pastoring. I literally got to go from being a shepherd of sheep to a ship. It of people helping them get to what they're called to do, what they dreamed of doing. And so that was kind of the background. I then through local church, got to go in and out of country in Africa and launch some microfinance programs, some orphan leadership development. So definitely entrepreneurial in terms of starting things that can self sustain that grow bigger than you, as opposed to starting things that are only dependent on, you know, there's just job as opposed to a business, something that. Would sustain or go beyond you or would have some ongoing, inherent value that could be traded sold or someone else would take over. So we did that and then it got to 2008. I was married. We had four children under the age of six. So that's called one impressive wife, as opposed to me being smart. And we are praying about a future in just since there's some change, but not racial, what it was. And a buddy of mine said, why don't you pray with a God's leading you geographically somewhere different, which it just never entered my mind. And within one week, I heard God say, leave everything. Actually, both of us, who'd gone say, leave everything and go to a new country, which I thought were, where would we go? And we, as we prayed and fasted, actually over the next two weeks, we just heard God say it's America as in USA. And it's written California. And why America is full of Christians since then? No, no. Yeah, no, not like that at all. Maybe a name, but certainly not in care. And so that's what led us to the States. And I did a ministry school with Bethel church. And through that love the whole concept of heaven on this praying for sick people. But the way I'm wired is what about sick businesses? What about sick business people dysfunctional business? Like what, what does it look like to carry the presence of Paragon in the works? And they said, well, we're not doing anything new, do something. I'm like, Oh, surely there's someone else there. Perhaps that's the entrepreneur. If you're listening to this and you're waiting for someone to start something, it's you just do it, like just do it and get some people around you that are smarter than you. And you'd be amazed at what happens. So we started what we've now called heaven and business, which is really. You know, how do you partner with God, take risk, expand, get ideas, get solutions, and grow. There's just been an absolute blast, painful, challenging. So it's literally a self-funded department of a church. And then alongside of that, a little thing solutions, which is how to get clarity for what's next and the courage to do it, which brings in my background of consultancy. Plus the integration of spiritually listening to the voice of God and all that we do. Wow. I'm curious, as you were learning how to partner with those different farmers and ranchers and business people there, had you started learning how to partner with God yourself in your day to day business activities, or is that something that came later on in your journey had, had you compartmentalized it, right. Christian, really good Christian. Like if I'd fast forward, I would say I am doing now. For others, what I wish someone did for me, just think this so many people is it, you know, they're very well where God meets you. The, the hole that you dig that God meets you in becomes the well or the reservoir from what you can help others just like you. So when I was so for example, working in the bank and it, and we're going to jump into identity, but if I jump into a different story of be just praying God, I was going in and out of different countries. As a mission, like on mission trips and seeing miracles and people healed of STD, sexually transmitted diseases, got healed. People with demons get delivered and Asia, Oh my gosh, this is real. It's like, this is real. That happened in my business, in the business work that I do. And so I started at reaching to that and then I started to recognize, Oh, I had a dysfunctional relationship between a father and son. And God gave me strategies or what I would say is wisdom. So the same anointing that was on me to deliver somebody from demons is only to get wisdom for a strategy that resolves a conflict in a business. That means number one, father and son work together. Number two, actually, there's a transition that takes place. That's beautiful. The causes in the thrive. So we saw that happen. You know, the courage to pray for my boss when he had a headache and a little things. Just taking little risks, I would say now I look back. If I knew what I'm do now, it'd be so much more relaxed because I was trying to perform to do something I was trying to like, how do I add this to what am I going to do to do this stuff as opposed to no, this is just, this is the, my nature as a child of God. So I've grown in so much in that. And it looked a lot like in a prayer time, connecting with God, hearing what he's saying, praying into things, having to navigate how come I prayed into this and it didn't go according to what I prayed or I thought I heard God do who to go to say, but it's been, I think it's just a lifetime journey of pursuit. And the, probably the core of it is learning that. Partnering with God at work. It's not about accomplishments. It's about relationship because whenever there's anybody else involved, you can only do your part. You can't control the outcome. So I'm learning that. So it's the kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy. And when I'm doing what's right, and I've got his presence, like you still doesn't determine that someone's going to get fixed, or you're going to get the answer that you want, or your business is going to achieve the targets that you thought it would. The next part is an joy, which is learning how to have joy, whether you're in the middle of a pandemic and shut at home, or you're in the middle of political weirdness and everybody's being toxic and divisive in the middle of it, I can discover and find joy, which for me is. Really the core of it is about forging a friendship with God. And you brought up something I want to come back to that I think is so essential. And you mentioned that you had this experience in ministry, and it sounds like a show reel of some of the best things you could experience in ministry with people getting healed, delivered in so many different ways. And there came a point where the wires were connected and you saw, Oh, This relationship that I have with God and ministry, this anointing is now also, I'm recognizing that present in something that I'm actually acutely made for. And I think for many folks who are trying to build out their idea of what a kingdom business could look like and are really trying to pursue that one of the first things is that gap. They have a relationship with God, but they don't know how to fill that gap. Once they move into something that is the way we work in business. Almost pushes faith out of the box unless we're looking for it. So how did you begin to recognize, Oh, I have an anointed for this. I have a, I have a spiritual gifting to partnership with God in this area of my life. And it also works here. Is there any kind of nuance that you begin to pick up on? Because it's very intense. The guests really good question. And yeah, that's the divide that we kind of somehow separate the two or say that, that we even call it kingdom business, as opposed to know Jesus owns every square foot into the planets, all his, so I'm thinking probably the first thing for me was when the opposite happened. When I'm studying to, I'm doing all the Christian activity, praying, fasting, going on, mission trips, giving doing all of the activities. And I. Believe that God's called me to expand. Actually, I hear him say in a particular year, and you spoke to me instead of the years, King's going to come to you and think, Oh my gosh, we have the best growth. My two colleagues in the bank were not believers. So I tell them, I'm like, boldly, this is what's going to happen this year. It's gonna be awesome. Seeing God on a favor. And that year we lost our biggest client. And then the next year I lost the next biggest client. And then the year after that, I lost another big client all the while I'm getting accolades and favor from the bank, but this is not what I expected. When you follow God, you do what he says, you hear his voice, you step out. This is the opposite of that. Like partnership with God. I look like I sack, like what's going on and what it did. And it'd be waking up the night. All anxious and uptight and thinking, what are actually the core of it was at, it took me three years is you can take you three minutes, but it took me three years for my wife to say to me, apparently, she'd been saying this for a long time. Andy, you need to go and sort it out with God. You are so anxious and uptight. You got there's somethings. You need to sort this out. And I got up one evening, like 10 o'clock. She goes, you are not coming to bed and to sort this out because I just talking about it. Like, it doesn't make sense. And why is this working and why does it go against me? And it's like, I, can't all, I'm doing all the things. I'm putting all the coins into the slot machine, but I'm not hitting the jackpot like this G this God, jackpot's not working. I'm using that language now. And so I went into my lounge and I just start to pray on like, God, where were you? I'm doing everything. I know you call me to do I'm following you. I'm seeking you. I'm praying and reading my Bible. I'm trying to cross this line between the two and it's, everything has gone the opposite. Like where were you when I lost that client? Where were you? And it's like, there's so many stories in the Bible like that. You think, where are we? You and Mary and Martha, where were you? I was doing the master thing, not the marriage. And I just remember being on my knees. Like all of this emotion coming out, my eyeballs and I'm a redneck New Zealand male. That's a banker. If you can picture that, like duck dynasty, New Zealand style. So duck dynasty without the beards and just weeping, like just as broken God. If I failed, am I doing something wrong? And it's like, I head, what I would now say is in a cooler than Canada cooler. Impression, whether it was literal or spirit, I don't know, but it's almost like the feet of Jesus were standing right in front of me. And he didn't say anything, but I just heard or knew Andy I'm with you. It's like a warped back through every situation of his last three years where I feel like a firewall because I lost a client fell like, and it was, my identity was cracks in my identity. I believe that if God was with me and God was good, then things will go good. And God was with me and he is good, but things went bad. So it must mean that God's not with me. And so he just spoke to them. We're going to here in Miami, sit Andy I'm with you to help Emmanuel God with us. And that's become a life message of learning to unravel. Oh, my performance, my identity. Was tied to my performance rather than who I am. And that started this journey of cracks in my foundation of identity being healed so that I give my best period. I expect the miraculous. Period. I listened to his voice, but, and I give my best always I pursue excellence, but my identity is not based on what happens or doesn't happen. My identity is firmly fixed as it, my already loved accepted, adore, and connect, and God is with me period. So then I get to do this, which is Joe, how you started a spraying car though. We get to do this. Oh, my gosh, this is a blast. It doesn't mean we have bad. Don't have bad days or difficulties or challenges, but through it all, I can have joy through it all because I'm a son because I'm friend of God, sometimes it's actually walking through difficulty that actually breaks off all of these false vanity metrics of somebody walk with Jesus and gets us back to the core of it. He said, I'll be with you period. I'm curious, Andy, cause just like you said, not every day is wonderful, but what have you really learned about what's the Christian way of saying when the poop hits the fan, what do you do now? When you start to feel that anxiety, when you start to recognize that you're not in a place of joy, are there some practical things that you're like, okay, this is how I get back to my identity. Really good question. So super practical. Stop what you're doing, like stop there's some 46 is be still and know God in most of the business, people just like get busy and think they're going to no, no, totally anti scriptural. It doesn't work like this is stopping whatever you're doing. Just cease your activity. And then there's a multiple thing. So number one, stop. Number two. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just change of circumstances around, go for a walk. Do 50 pushups jump up and down on the spot, walk around the house or the office or the building go for a drive. Get it. Like I would say for me, get into nature. And just get outside. The world is not dying. You're not going to die. Even if you lose this deal, it's going to be okay. Also, number one, stop number two, just change your circumstance environment and just be still do whatever it takes to work out. That history restores my soul, but I've got to partner with that. And number three is obviously you want to connect with God, but some people are so jacked up. They can't hear anything in those moments when it's really, really stressful. So that's why I'd say, do something physical. And for me, that's go for a run or walk up a mountain and to let, just takes the sting or the steam out. Now I can be still, then there's multiple things. One is actually reflect and just remember, great example, the disciples with Jesus. Jesus takes five loaves and two fish and feeds 5,000. People. And that was just the men. So there's multiple more than that. That's a miracle. Then they hop on a boat. Jesus says, go to the other side. They get halfway across and Jesus asked them a question about, or they realized they forgot to bring lunch. So he got, we just fed 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish. Now that forgot lunch. And then Jesus asked them questions. They don't even understand. They're like, it's just missed them up completely. He's like Yoda on them. And he asked him, he says, It's like all guys, boys, boys, boys, boys still don't get it to you. And he asked them three questions. What did you see? Or what do you see? What did you hear? And then what do you remember? Sometimes you see what you need to do and you need to do that. Sometimes you hear God saying something and do that. But if you get neither and you just so jacked up, we're still clueless. At least w everybody can remember. So that for me is so important to know which we call the testimony. So when you get into that point where you're just anxious and uptight and stressed is actually go down and actually intentionally read over stories of what God's done for you in the past, reflect on that. It's like, ah, that's right. Remember when I was in that situation last year and the pandemic. Killed 40% of our income and I was freaking out, but then I was reading Proverbs four and God said, don't change the subject. And then I spoke to my friend Ray, and cause I couldn't understand it. Right. He was like, it's not about don't change. The subject changed the delivery and we redid the events, but did them online and it got us into that goal. It's going to, it's going to be okay. I remember that situation with the house. We got set to buy the house, but you didn't have the money to pay for it. It didn't make sense. And, but you followed his voice and then you connected with an individual who loaned you $200,000 interest free and definitely, Oh yeah, it's got to be okay. Hey, remember that such a testimony from last week with that businessmen. Learn to hear the voice of God, then went away for his 35th wedding anniversary and turn office phone to office email. He'd just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on testing equipment to solve an industry wide problem. Nico consultants to staff. He's about to start on that, but before he's got his 35th wedding anniversary and he's turning everything off and putting his attention on his wife and on just resting. And on the third day, he's brushing his teeth and sees a mental image. Instantly has like an engineering type executive summary of this prototype. It is the solution for what it would have take them two years before they even started. He's got now the solution. He goes to his patent lawyer and the patent lawyer who does hundreds of these a year. This is, this is a billion dollar idea. What have I just done? By remembering what God has done for me and for others that repositions may God is with me. It's going to be okay. And there's a solution to this situation. It slows me down. And then I can say, okay, go ahead. Thank you. So gratitude is another one. Oh, thank you. That there's a solution to this now. I dunno how it's going to be button. You have a way you make a way where there is no way. You lead us in paths of righteousness. You guide me. You scripture talks about day by day had guides, the innocent. He directs the steps. So you got to step for me. Holy spirit. I need you to help right now. What do we do with this? And then what I find is he'll have a speak in the moment, or there'll be someone brought to mind that I can call and process it with. So wise counselors, advisors, or we'll be reminded of something. Or it's like, okay, nothing in the moment, but now I'm positioned to trust him. So there's a bunch of things that you can do. I love that so much. There reminds me of you, you look at the story of Joshua taking over the Israelites and moving them across the river. And the one thing that he did different with his little river move was the Memorial stones. And he was like, listen, The one reason I was able even to move people across the scope is because one, I remember two in order for you to even be able to abide in the promised land. You've got to remember because you're going to lose your story. You have to be connected to that story. And I think we're so good about that often in the church of thinking about. All right. What has God done recently and staying in that kind of that process and that pattern of reflecting on what the Lord has done, but there's a promised land for your business too. There is a place that God wants to transition you into. And the way to move into that is through story is through remembering what the Lord has done and that keeps you there. And when we don't keep it in the forefront of our minds, what happens. We start fretting. We start regretting that we left Egypt. We started going back regressing into old ways of operating. I think about operating. You can operate from the spirit or we can just be an operator, you know, a business operator. And there's so much power in that. I don't know. It's really good. Really, really good. Yeah. And, and to double down on that Psalm 78, I believe it is Psalm 78 or Psalm 73. It talks about the tribe of airframe. That goes into bed or fully equipped. So they're the elite fighting force. They terrify their enemies. These guys are bone arrow people. So they're like I can tie a tribe of snipers just crazy. And it says, but they turned to back in the day of battle. It's like the day you're supposed to do that pitch the day that something, you got the news that you didn't get it, the loan that you expected. And since they turned back in the diabetics, because they forgot their testimony. Wow. That's just so true. And so I have to remember just like you said, P S I've got to remember the testimony. Of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy when he's done in the past. Didn't do it again. If I will hold back and feed myself on that and not feed myself on everything else. That's negative. That's so good because if you don't do that, even Christians, I think can default to the pattern of worldly thinking, which is, you mentioned alone example. A lot of folks are trying to get loans right now for different reasons. You default to a fear-based mindset, which puts everything back in your control. And the Lord may be working on your behalf, but you are completely isolated from what he's doing. You could abide in that moment, in the exact same way. And a good outcome would come and an entire time you're, you're focused on the fear, even though he would have fought that battle for you or is fighting that battle for you, you need to stop paying attention to it. That's fantastic. So let's go a little bit deeper into the intimacy aspect of things. What are some of the things you do on a daily basis to kind of develop that intimacy out and build a pattern of your life around it? Because I think that's really important. I think we oftentimes we trade in the Pew for pragmatism as business. Yeah. Super good. So it used to look like. Every morning, get up and pray and spend time praying. And on my own pacing, the floor walking the floor, let's make it sound more spiritual and used to be a head. These two, I've always had those disciplines in my life now. And I just understand everybody's different. You listen to this and what I do is not a prescription for you. You've got to work that out for yourself, but for me, journaling is a big deal. Of like daily, it's a daily scripture. What I'm reading what God's saying, if you're not sure where to go, go to Proverbs. Cause it's the book of wisdom, which is the book for every single business person. And you know, this literally 31 chapters of Proverbs, there's 30, 31 days of the month, you know exactly what you're up to. So that's just a go-to. So I have the time in the word. I have time where our journal. And so literally this morning, I'm just writing down. I'm actually doing a course with Shea Barnes at the moment on kingdom business, which is really what does the King and has a translate to business. And this week we're talking about honor. So this morning I was actually just going through the Bible every mentioned on that. And what does it mean? What's the nature of God as it pertains to honor. And then how does that translate to business? So I'm journaling that. So that's a daily basis that gives me a grid for them. My connection with him, I'm waking in the morning and just gratitude. Some people say you worship. Well, really the core of worship is just gratitude and just acknowledging who he is and his goodness and thanking him for that. So those are some core components. And then I guess what I'm doing through the day, I'm learning to cultivate a greater awareness of God throughout the day. So if you put this into a marriage or a friendship base, if you go throughout the day and you never think of your friend, that's a distant friend, but if you go through the day and if you want to have a really healthy marriage, can you like, yeah, I think of my wife. So what do you do? You send her a text to say, Hey, babe, thinking of you, you're like, and depending on where you at, like he might say something saucy, or you might just say, Hey, really appreciate you. PS, his wife, she's got two months old. Hey honey, I'm really thinking of you right now. Thank you so much for, you know, how hard you work with it just it's. So something, what, it's a connection. Some learn to do that. Sending that don't send texts to God, but just throughout my day, I'm cultivating a greater gratitude or awareness. Some people sit little timers on their phone to remind them until it becomes a practice. I'm finding the more that I just set my heart to pursue him, to walk with him, the intimacy becomes everything I do. So it becomes throughout the day. Now it doesn't mean that I'm walking like three feet above the ground and not aware of anything else. No, actually my, the greater, my intimacy with Jesus, the more connected I should be things with people and their pain and situations or challenges. But that's a practice that I'm working on. I want to continue to work on and I'm getting better at when something goes bad that I don't immediately react and try to come up with a solution. But pause, turn, go for a walk, do something differently. Just like what I've told you. And that's throughout my day. That's fantastic. I think that's so good because we often think about. We have no other grid other than to think about our KPIs on a day-to-day basis. Right. You know, and if I'm quarter of a percent down, my day is ruined and, you know, we can get so analytical about how we operate. But the really, the only thing he calls us to is to be a child, hold the hand, to reach up and to hold his hand. And that's it. It's a complete shift in mindset. But what we find is that in abiding, in that shift in allowing ourselves to just go with that type of stuff, you're talking about that that's where I think that's where the real freedom comes from. And you find that a lot of things begin to just move themselves forward anyway, a hundred percent, because when I align with that, I'm aligning with the grace of God on my life, and it's coming out of a it's accounting out of connection. Rather than like something that I do. So for example, if, if I use this as an allergy is if my last name was Branson and my dad was Richard Branson, you guys would immediately assume of me that I'll be operating in business at a particular way. So I've got a friend who is a very, very wealthy Singaporean businessman. His 14 year old daughter is already making $500 a day a day. Selling, what do they call it? Slime, the sticky stuff, the kids, she makes it and sells it online. It ridiculous. Like they're taking the money and putting it aside because like, honey, we love you. And you not having this money that walking with her in that, what's the point we're dead. Wakes up every morning and does business it's the gifting is a gifting on his life. So as I align with who I am, when I recognize that my dad and the closer I am to him and his life actually spills over into mine. And I recognize that identity. That's not something that I have to try and obtain. So what does it look like? Here's three things. If you listen to this, just where are you in at this number one? That's soldier. Number two as servant, number three, a friend biblically. I could justify every single one, but only one of them is your identity. So if I make my assignment, my identity, it's like, it's just going to miss you up. So for less than could better soldier for a moment as soldier. Successes. If you talk to anyone that's been, and I have talked to people that have been actually in conflict success after a period of time just becomes if I can just survive. And with my buddies, that becomes, it starts with I'm going to win. Yeah. That's you or the video game, but once you're in combat for a long period of time, it becomes, if I can survive and get home with my buddies, that's going to be a winner. So success is survival and it's, you don't engage in any other matters other than life and death, because that's what it is now. We're called to be soldiers for Christ, but if it's become your identity, then you will not engage in civilian affairs. Which means that me as a dad would be at the table and wouldn't engage in the conversation about what happened at school with my kids, because it's not life and death. I'm here on, I'm here on mission here, and you will miss your connection because you're not just a soldier. You're also a dad. You're also a lover. You're also a, all the other things. So number one, that's a soldier soldier for God. Number two is a servant. Success is. Doing the jobs, getting the task done, it looks like, what do you want me to do? God, what do you want me to do now while that is also tasks that he has for you have assignments to accomplish, it is not your identity. So then level three, well, not level, but just his friend. What is success as a friend? Is I get to be with you. It's the, what do we want to do today? What, what shall we do today? Oh, well, we've got this, we've got this new fund that we're putting together while father, how should we do that? It's like, if that changes everything. So, what I love about that is most titles in the business world are earned, right? Even if we're self appointed CEOs and we're just masters around domain, most titles that I can think of are, are earned and friendship is given. And so often. We still take the earning mindset into intimacy. We believe in intimacy. We want intimacy. We think we can have intimacy with God, but if I'm supposed to be, you know, a good steward, I want to hear well done. Good and faithful steward. Well then I better go back to that task oriented mindset. Otherwise what's this friendship even for why does he even want to have me around here? But you're right. It's that aspect of friendship. And what's so healthy about that is if you start from that position of friendship and the things that you get to do have an aspect of, of love for them. Just as a side aside, I know friends and colleagues that have had parents who've been high, highly motivated to do ministry, and they've had stories similar to what you just kind of voiced wherein they want to connect to their parent. And their parent is saying the mission is more important. I've got to go win souls. Why are you talking to me about school stuff when there's lost people outside and they're forsaking the first ministry in some regard, but that, that that's an aside. Anyway. I think that's so good because all the good things come from that place of friendship, but they come from a healthier place where you're not striving. You're just enjoying. Yup. A hundred percent and it looks like this. So what does it even look like in, and, and if, if someone's listening to this and you're thinking, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, I've screwed up. No, you're on a journey. I think we're all on a journey and growing and I look back and I'm thinking, Oh my gosh, I was such an idiot. And how task focused I was and missed so much. It's like, no, this way, it's the grace of God. It's as good as some 23 mercy and goodness, follow me. Why would mercy follow me? Because I'm going to need it. It's like the guy behind the parade that carries the shovel. Why? Because, you know, even the best parade has got horses has got cattle. There's going to be poop to pick up that's our lives. God knows. God set that up ahead of time. He knew even on ambitious day, we don't match his graciousness, but he wants us anyway. So what does that look like? My son, eh, when he was a better living is always in a part of a football team, soccer team. I mean, I was one of the coaches and so there's two coaches, there's me and someone who's really good. And the other coach is from Guatemala. So they're born with a football on the ball, a ball on their foot. So what we say to the boys, all they want to do is do scrimmage and actually they want to discriminate against the coaches. So what we say to them is if you do your drills, then. We will play scrimmage. So they're diligent. They choose. Yes. Yes. Great motivation. So then we have a game where it's the boys, 11 balls versus two coaches. And who would you think to win? Well, I would think the boys would win well in this case, it was the coaches. There was me and my buddy, like we're smarter, we're bigger. I'm a bit of a thug. So I used that, leveraged my, leaning on them without hurting them. But we had some, we had some fun we won, which is just. Maybe a little bit of, it was a blast, but the one thing is I kept slipping over cause I had the wrong shoes on. So fast forward we jumped in the car, I'm taking my son being home and being really driving. It was fun. We all had fun. We learned and Ben tends to me. He says, dad, you're really good. I'm like, you want your son to tell you that? Oh yeah. Oh, thanks. Yeah. Thank you for noticing kind of thing. And he goes, no, no dad, if he, if you go real soccer, boots, cleats, you could be in your own team, like an NFL team. And I said, yeah, and out of my mouth comes in. Yeah, I could. But then I wouldn't get to play with you. And I suddenly had this revelation. That's God, if this was about accomplishing something, he would do it and do it better and actually better without us, but it's not about us. He wants to play with us. He wants to do it with us. He wants us to come to him and say, Hey dad, how would you do this? Hey, did, would you do this with me? Like, it just blows your mind. When you think that the founding creative entrepreneur of the universe. Launched play with us that we get to work the hides things for us, not from us. He wants us to seek it out because it's building something in us that as we listen to follow in our Bay and grow that we start to represent his very nature. But yeah, if it was about competition, he he'd do it way better without us. Or he'd wake you morning by morning and tell you exactly what to do. It doesn't happen. Why? Because he wants to do it with you. He's Emmanuelle. The God with us. And he's so great and so good that he humbled himself and left perfection so that he could communicate to us and our language in our way. And he became the only God. That would actually dwell amongst the people and humble themselves to be with us and then literally die for us so that we can have this union with him. It's like, this is eternal life that you may know him. That sounds like good news. Oh, you've made a believer compared to every other religion. Like just like, Oh man, that just sucks. That's a bummer that you just have to perform it. Like we've got to go and he became one of us so that he could just show us a way he is so good. He doesn't use his power to rule over and dominate and control. He actually uses his power to elevate us. So us being in his shadow makes us look good compared to He doesn't want sacrifices. He wants poor and contrite hot. That would say I can't do this on my own. Would you help me? It's like, I'm just waiting for you to ask. Yes, it's good news. And it's good news for all. I remember a few years back when I was kind of working through some of this stuff, I was just going through my normal time of praying for going into work and doing business stuff and said, Lord, you know, I just want to honor you, you know, during the day, you know, help my heart to honor you. And he goes, I don't want your honor. And he showed me that in my particular case honor, is this, if I'm looking at the president, I honor the president, whoever the president is, I'm going to give him honor because that's due his title, but I don't know the president. And so oftentimes I think as Christians, we say, you know, yeah, I want to honor the Lord that that's good, but you're going to honor him. What he wants is you. And that's a way bigger commitment than honor. It's a lot harder to give yourself versus give your credence to something. So, yeah. Yeah. I'm not giving echoes and give my life. I'm not just doing stuff I'm walking with you, which means every moment of the day. So I love that. So it's like, okay, if he doesn't want just lip service, how would then, how do I treat that customer? How would that. On how would I treat that administrative assistant that's on the lowest wage? How would, what about that? The person at the gas station that pumps my guess outward that, so yeah, we pay lip service and then miss the person which I heard. So, so I have 58 bunch of business, people that are fasting and praying and taking time yet to honor God. And God says, I'm actually ticked off with you because you take all this time and set it aside. But you missed that, which is most important. You're actually abusing your employees and he goes, don't you come away and do these fancy church services and retreats and conferences without doing that, which is first and point, honor me, by the way you treat your employees like, Oh, let's go, let's go.

Joe Newton:

Man. That's so good. Well, Andy, unfortunately we want to honor your time and we probably need to transition into our final five real quick, but Oh, so good. There are so many different ways we could go for there with rest and honor and identity. That's some scrumptious stuff. So we're going to go to our final five questions that we have. We asked these to everyone. The first question is. The obligatory podcast question. What are your top three must read books, not including the Bible. These can be business, family, spiritual, even your favorite cookbook. Oh, wow. Favorite three. There is so many books that I'm reading. Now. I would say number one, tattoos on the hot find the Gregory Boyle. Fastest way to stop. A bullet is a job Jesuit priest who became a key in transforming gang land by creating jobs just profound. That's there's one. I'm looking at my shelf. Relational leadership by Ford. Taylor is, is another one. If you want to grow your business and you want to do it in a way that is a kingdom culture. Without using Christian language, there's the best book by far. I would recommend that to every single person. And then I'm looking on, I mean, there's so many other books that I would, depending on people where people are at right now, there's one that I'm just finished called another gospel by Alissa Childers. And I have loved that if you want to build a life, that is not just it. You just understand that this historical Christianity there's so many who have gone before us, that there's some weird stuff going on right now in the Christian Church. That's just undermining Christ. Like where we put social justice at the center, or I put diversity at the center. No Christ is at the center. That's another book that I've just finished, that I'm just loved. And then anything kingdom, Myles Munroe as being great. The Stanley Jones is brilliant. Bill Johnson's books are fantastic. They're just like, Oh my gosh. There's lots of books. So you're saying it would have been easier if I said, what are your three least favorite books or name of your least favorite books? That, that would have been a shorter. Yeah. What are your, what's your favorite books on? Okay. Very specific on a Tuesday at 3:00 PM. When you're yeah. Yeah. What's the best book. I'll be like Calvin and Hobbs. Yeah, I think called link strip is the best. It's all about discipleship and getting sent out by twos. Awesome. All right. Question number two, you can send a note card back to yourself when you're first starting off on your entrepreneurial or for you in entrepreneurial journey. What are the three pieces of advice that you're putting in on that card? Through piece of us, I'd put on that cat one, relax and enjoy the journey. Intentional. It's going to be okay. Number two, pay more attention to your wife. Slow down, pay more attention to your wife or fester case your friends. Number three, find any Mason in the future and gear. Grab him as an advisor or a jump into a mastermind group. That's when someone that's like we'll be doing is ending. You need to find somebody that's 10 years ahead of you. Then his walked this out and just suck them dry, meet with them, call them if you have to do it virtually do it virtually if you can do it in person to in person, but find somebody. So I love pastors, but they. Tend to have a limited view of the gospel as it pertains to a spiritual walk and not to how's this gonna affect my business. So if you're in business, which I was Andy, find somebody 10 years ago, 10 years ahead of you in their journey with Jesus in the context of business and do whatever it takes to get close to them and learn from them. That's good. That's a good three. All right. Question number three. How do you define success for yourself? Friendship with God. So, so that literally is so, okay. Break that down, break that down. I can actually email you this guys. What I call is a kingdom business assessment. And it's kind of like, because business is business. If you don't have profit, if you don't have customers, you know, the business, take that off the table. It's what is kingdom success? What will success and its friendship with God. So, which is. And just school myself compared to this time last week or last month or last year is my awareness of the peace of God, the same, more or less. And then am I walking in obedience, responsible, responsive to internal conviction? The same, the more or less am I following his voice in all of life? Am I experiencing joy regardless of circumstance? Am I loving? Well. As in kind to myself and others feel Venmo me, can I easily identify areas of risk and faith is the power of God demonstrate around me. And am I present with those closest to me, their success, everything else will come out of that. Wrap that up and friendship with God. Wow. As opposed to I raise the dead, I gave away a billion dollars and my company employed a hundred thousand. Awesome. Those really, really good and noble things. But if I don't have friendship, we've got this useless. That's good. That is both the most compact answer and the most broken down answer that we've, we've gotten so far. Well, missed it up again. All right. Question number four. When times have gotten tough, what's kept you from quitting. Testimony, definitely testimony that history with God. It's like, he didn't bring me this photo for me to file now this number one to his community where I've got people around me. So, you know, I'd give up if it was just me, but because I have my wife because I have my friend, because I have that person that I'm leading as, like, I can't like I do it from, I wouldn't do it for me, but I'll do it because of them three obedience. Like I go to slide. Sometimes it's just, I can't not do this. Your word is like a fire in my bones over weary of horticulture. And indeed I cannot, which is Jeremiah 17. It's like sometimes assist. It just comes down to obedience. Well question number five is what questions should we have asked that we didn't now do you, you you've done a really, really well. What questions should you ask now? That would just start the next podcast. Well, okay. I've got one more one. Tell us a little bit about the event that y'all are going to be having there at Bethel. So we've got so given a business has a series of events every year. So we, we exist to equip you to partner with, go to work and engage in the wellbeing of this city that you serve. We do that through conferences, events, or retreats and membership platform. So the next conference we've got is may the 26th to 28 here in Redding in person. And we've got Shay buy-ins Ford Taylor coming. Chris Beilinson will be speaking. And literally will be, how do you lead like Jesus in your workplace? So not just a matter of talk but of power, how do I navigate uncertainty? All of the upheaval, all of the different things. How do I do that? So we're going to break that down. It's going to be an absolute blast having Shea and Ford in town. So that's coming up. People can find out about that heaven in And you'll see the events there and you see a link to that, or they can jump on to, we've got a membership site with a ton of stuff to help people grow with God grown identity, grown business and grown influence. And they can see, you can try that for free. Is $30 a month ongoing. And literally we're walking with people, teach them how to pray strategically and tactically in business, reminding you every single week of your engagement with God, with a motivational minute, and then a whole library of content, which will help you literally grow in identity, grow in culture and your business, and then grow and influence. And that's a heaven in business as well. They can call it both of those. Great. Well, thank you so much, Andy. It has been fun and it's been an honor. Oh, I appreciate it. Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed the show, do me a favor and leave a quick review. When you do it helps other entrepreneurs find this content and benefit from it too. See you next week.

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